The Kristynik Team has served clients for 20 years,
solving all their hardwood needs.

Design Assistance

Our team at Kristynik works hard to ensure you achieve the perfect look for the space you are designing. We believe a hardwood floor to be the canvas for which you will create the room’s overall design. We make sure you understand all the options and help you make the right choices.

Custom Coloring

We specialize in creating custom colors to match any and all of your design needs. Our custom color sampling process will ensure we achieve the perfect color for the room you are designing.

Custom Stain Matching

Customers often have a need to match existing wood stains within a home. Our custom stain experts have 20 years of experience finding the right mix of colors to match all types of wood stains.

Installation Process

Demolition, Furniture Moving, Dust Control, Relative Humidity, Floor Prep, Floor Acclimation etc. We help walk you through all the particulars regarding installation.

Stair & Landings

We specialize in custom suspended, radius and traditional stair treads, risers and  nosing’s. Stairs and landings can be a tricky part of the flooring decision. We help make sure you get this decision right.

Hardwood Restoration

Restoring old hardwoods is one of specialties. We focus on sand and finish, screen and coat, clean and wax. We will get your hardwoods restored to their original beauty.

Damaged Wood Solutions

Wood can get damaged, especially when water is involved. Our service specialists are seasoned in finding solutions to all your repair needs.

Hardwood Cleaning

A simple floor cleaning can dramatically improve the overall look of your hardwood floor. Kristynik provides this cleaning service and we recommend scheduling a floor cleaning with us, at least once every year.

We have develop a rewarding and collaborative relationship with Kristynik Hardwood Flooring after working with them for a number of years. They are not only reliable and honest, but they work hard to create a finished product that meets or exceeds our client’s needs. We could not appreciate Kristynik Hardwood Flooring's efforts and results any more.

Jim Larue, James Larue Architecture Design

Kristynik Hardwood Flooring is on the top of our list! They continue to provide our clients with the best products and the best service at a very fair price. Eric’s reputation has been earned and I recommend them to all my customers.

Brian Bailey, Brian Bailey Homes

Nothing speaks to the craftsmanship of a custom home like a true wood floor that’s been laid onsite and sanded smooth like a tabletop. The team at Kristynik Hardwood Flooring has been installing my floors for years and I’m a tough builder to please. They’ve earned my business with consistent excellent results and good service. I highly recommend them!

Matt Risinger, Risinger Homes

I have referred Kristynik Hardwood Flooring to my clients and used them personally for over a decade. Their quality and attention to detail are unsurpassed. Kristynik will always be the first name out of my mouth when referring a customer to the best flooring company in Austin. Eric and his team treat their customers like friends and family.

Cord Shiflet, Moreland Properties

I have worked with Kristynik Hardwood Flooring for the past 13 years and have always been impressed by their quality and determination to make every homeowner feel like their most important client. They strive for excellence and it shows through their product and staff. We truly enjoy working with them.

Paula Abels. Paula Abels Interiors

In March 2012, we hired Kristynik Hardwood Flooring to refinish & stain all our floors; they did far more than we expected. The floors turned out gorgeous! It was a difficult job, because we went from a white-washed wood to a dark stain, and they even came back to the house to fix the scratches in the floor from our movers. They were always timely & professional.

Marvin & Linda Bendele

What to expect before, during & after the actual work:

Understand Your Timeline

Planning your personal schedule around the actual work timeline, including pre and post work guidelines will help you manage expectations. Every job is different and we try to help you properly arrange for all the additional time sensitive scheduling that comes with this type of work.

Moving Furniture

This may seem obvious, but planning your furniture move is critical. Our sales team will work with you to recommend the best choice for your particular job. Always remember moving in and moving out requires, scheduling and additional cost. Always be prepared to lay covering over the flooring so movers don’t damage your new hardwoods.

Dust & Noise

If you are scheduled for Sand & Finish work, please note that these machines are noisy and will be loud within their immediate proximity while running. We do use a dust containment system when sanding our floors, however it is important that you recognize some dust from this process will be left on exposed surfaces. Additional cleaning for these areas, may be something you want to consider.

Drying Process & Afterwards

Stay off the floor for the recommended drying suggestion. We recommend leaving rugs etc. off the floor for 7-10 days. Add felt tips to the legs of all furniture. Post drying period we also recommend placing scatter rugs at all entrances, avoid rubber backed (these tend to discolor). Be aware of traffic that can potentially damage the floors before they fully cure, examples: pets scratching the floors, high heels, cleats etc.


Remember that variations in the floor boards is completely normal. As the floor ages, some color change will occur. This can be minimized by limiting sun exposure and by moving rugs and furniture periodically. Cracks in the floor are also normal and they will appear and disappear as humidity changes with the seasons.


Immediately wipe up spills and spots with a damp cloth. Vacuum or sweep at least every other week, don’t let sand and dirt build up. Clean the floor monthly with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which you can purchase at HEB or Home Depot. Consult our Service Department to help you with any damages that occur.